Transforming a house into a home or remodeling your retail shop to improve customer experience is not a herculean task if you have chosen the right people to do the work. Your space should be a reflection of your own personal style. That is why it is crucial for you as a homeowner or proprietor to trust only reputable interior designers and well-rounded renovation contractors in the industry to help you substantiate your concept of a perfect place.

While interior designing and remodeling requires a considerable investment, hiring a professional team will certainly make all the difference. So, what makes an Interior Designer distinctly separate from a Renovation Contractor? Which one is better? Let’s break down their functions based on their job description, services offered, timeline, design and budget, as well as their approach in building and construction management:

Job Description and Services Offered

Interior Designer

Also called design consultant, a certified interior designer is tasked with creating functional and aesthetically pleasing architectural spaces inside a physical structure (e.g. building, flat, commercial space). They typically observe the movements and behaviors of individuals in the working and living environment in order to design spaces that are artistic and functional at the same time.

Design consultants assist their clients in designing, sourcing contractors and materials, and through construction. They will handle project management and even aid in the selection of appropriate fixtures and decorations. Their portfolios may include house, commercial, and architectural projects but it is largely design-focused.

A designer offers an extra set of eyes. These eyes are trained to keenly check and notice things that you, who do not have an inclination or skill for designing, may not find.

Renovation Contractor

For instance, if you have a vintage style home and you want a more modernized flat, renovation professionals can preserve the classic touch of your place while implementing a contemporary taste.

Renovators provide a professional assessment of the space, which will lead to a solid plan of action. They are experts in refurbishing functional home fixtures, fixing and upgrading the furnishings, and relocating pipelines and other utilities.

There are two kinds of renovation contractors: the Main Contractor and Subcontractors. The main contractor manages and works with subcontractors according to their specific services. These include electrical wiring, piping, false ceiling, and carpentry.

Most of the time, a homeowner are unaware of what lurks behind a shower wall or beneath a bathtub. In removing a tub, is there a need to reroute the plumbing to accommodate a modern shower? Renovation contractor handles these kind of remodeling complications.


Interior Designer

If you are dealing with interior design professionals, expect a lot of meetings and site inspections before the actual designing starts. Designing may even take up to two months. As mentioned earlier, they study the movements of individuals inside the area to conceptualize a usable and practical structure. They need to get to know you, your personal style, and what you want better before embarking on a design. Hence, they will require a longer timeline.

Renovation Contractor

In the case of renovation contractors, if you are engaging the main contractor, the latter will do all the timeline planning and coordination with the subcontractors. All you have to do is provide them with a doable timeframe to get all the necessary work done– from designing, building, to the final inspection.

However, if you are engaging with subcontractors on your own, you will be the one doing most of the timeline planning and processing. For instance, the carpentry works can only commence after the wiring and piping are completed.

Design and Budget

Interior Designer

Design consultants are basically design-focused. They create designs based on their client’s specifications, such as family lifestyle and personal requirements. As for commercial spaces like retail shops, interior designers produce designs according to the needs and preferences of both client and the business’ target customers.

Interior design professionals provide computer-generated designs (e.g. 3D Visuals, AutoCAD, etc.), sketches (freehand drawings) and floor plans. The sourcing for contractors and materials will be done after an approved design. The homeowner or business owner will be the one making the final choice of contractors based on the designer’s sourced quotations.

The final budget can only be calculated following the client’s approved design.

Hiring a designer can help you avoid costly mistakes, which will help you with your budget and to spend it more efficiently. The order of things in a design plan is key in deciding what can be repurposed or should be blue-penciled.

Renovation Contractor

Renovation professionals are build-focused. They build based on the provided design, thus, clients have to be clear on their specifications, including budget and timeline. Hiring a renovation company is often the most economical choice since you are paying directly for execution.

Many renovation projects require specialized tools and techniques in which only a highly qualified professional remodeler is experienced with. They have the appropriate tools and specialized knowledge needed to perform correctly and durably.

Building and Construction

Interior Designer

Project management is included in the services of an interior design company. They will work and coordinate with the chosen contractor and subcontractors to ensure each single detail complies with the agreed design.

Engaging the expertise of an interior designer is more suitable for those clients who place priority on design and service, but doesn’t have the luxury of time to supervise and manage the project.

Renovation Contractor

Similar to the interior designer’s tasks, a renovation contractor works with subcontractors to safeguard the quality of the construction and ensure that it fits into the provided design. They require self-project management. However, they may not proactively give practical advice or amend design-related mistakes. They may just go ahead even if the design detail is not a good fit.

Renovation contractor is more effective for those clients who do not have the experience and time, but have relatively simple construction and designs to execute.

Either giving your house a facelift or your retail shop a makeover, it is quite a challenging proposition that requires proper planning, layout, and resources. The lack of familiarity with the remodeling tools and techniques can lead to serious accidents and can escalate the cost of the project due to design hiccups and rectification.

There a lot of innovative designs and renovation techniques that you might not be aware of. Before signing any contract with an interior designer or renovation contractor, be sure to do your research and get the name of the designers recommended by reliable sources for more assurance. Meet them to find one that you are comfortable to deal with.

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