Singapore is home to hundreds of firms and individuals who offer interior design and home renovation services. Being at the other end of the stick can be confusing and it can complicate the whole process even more. A list of insightful website is a convenience you should take advantage. So, dive into our list!


Housing and Development Board
Home renovation and repair work is no easy feat. You need to ensure that everything meets the standards. Not only for the sake of following the regulations, but more importantly, for you and your family’s safety. The Housing and Development Board (HDB) website will give you access to the list of contractors approved by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA). You can also find a tabulated list of estimated charges for a specific work acts as a guide when negotiating contract prices.

Urban Redevelopment Authority
Just before you start to plan, check the Urban Redevelopment Authority website for details on which renovation works require their approval. You can find a self-help evaluation tool for landed housing addition and alterations to assess whether your plan is compliant with the re-development control guidelines. A downloadable guide on good renovation practices is also available.

Magazine Online Platforms

Home and Décor
Home and Decor is the online platform of the widely circulated decor magazine bearing the same trade name. You can find a rich gallery of visuals and articles on design tips, renovation, shopping and even news updates. They also have a good collection of firm portfolios.

Square Room
If you are on to a detailed research, Square Room is a good start. Not only does it look visually pleasing at first glance, it is also full of detailed write-ups and concepts. They also have a few featured designers and a free quotation service form their in-house interior designer associate.

Online Shopping

IKEA Singapore
Who doesn’t know IKEA, right? If you’re sporting for a home renovation, then a good and affordable shopping is a necessity, two qualities that IKEA is known for. You’ll have endless browsing experience on their site for ideas and products.

Redesigning your home often demands new furniture. HipVan is a good platform with a wide selection. From branded furniture to affordable and unique furnishings, your eyes will be riveted to their website. They offer free shipping for purchases above SGD $100. No worries if the item you bought was a mismatch. They have a 100-day returns policy.

Castlery is a good spot for a wide variety of online furniture shopping. Each item has detailed product specification so you can be pretty certain on your shopping decisions. The website’s browsing experience is great with well-thought-out filters for easy searching and navigation. They offer customizations for your specific needs, too.

Contractor Directory, Forum, and Reviews

You’ll have everything you need from Houzz’s site – rich directory with a good number of reviews, home design photos, and ideas, products, blogs and articles, active forums and discussions. They even have an active poll to help you choose between tight options.

For in-depth research, Renopedia will keep you busy. Their website is filled with galleries of themes and concepts for inspiration as well as blogs, articles, and videos for detailed information. They have shortlisted the best interior design firms in the market.

Cromly is your go-to website if you are fond of visuals. Their website caters well-organized resource tab where you can find listings of interior designers, home furnishings, and home services.

Home Reno Guru
Fancy websites can be a bit complicated and it sometimes goes overboard when all you need is a simple and organized search bar to start off your research. Well, Home Reno Guru got the balance right if for you if you are serious about taking action on your home renovation project. You’d be welcomed by an efficiently functional interface dictating which path to take for your specific needs – search by design, by packages or by designers.

Home Savv
Home Savv pride themselves on their ability to simplify the tedious process of home renovation by providing a simple and fast way of finding a contractor, getting free quotes, finding home services and even buying items from their shop. You should keep an eye for great deals and promos, too.

Renonation is an informative website that can jumpstart your renovation journey. It may not feature rich galleries but it gives insightful project outputs from specific designers. It also offers a rich content-based blog that tackles different renovation topics including tips and guides. They also collect events which you can look out for and you can also contribute to a few active forums on their site.

RenoForum is a good website to check if you’re looking for an impressive collection of forum and reviews. It has a rich database of active users reaching up to more than a thousand accounts. This number produces multiple thousand threads and posts that will give you valuable information and perspectives on different projects and service providers.


Home renovation is a taxing quest that considers a lot of factors to begin with. There’s only one key to making this journey favourable and easy, finding the right contractor; one that has proof, experience, and credibility. At Home Reno, you’d find out how we detail our services comprehensively to address your full interior design and home renovation needs.

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