Does your current abode reflect your unique taste and lifestyle? Are you planning to add a guest room, or perhaps modernize your kitchen or bathroom to make it more well-equipped and family-friendly? Or, do you need a full-scale workplace renovation to boost your brand and to improve employee productivity and morale?

Whatever your reasons are for remodeling your home or upgrading your office space, it is always for your best interest to choose the most suitable interior designer in the industry. Collaborating with an interior designer on a home or office improvement project can be a time- and money-saver if you plan everything carefully.

So how will you know that they are the right people to do the job? You can’t go wrong if you consider these essential pointers:

Identify your specifications and budget

What style do you like? Are you leaning towards modern or retro-inspired designs? Do you prefer nature-inspired or environmentally sustainable designs?  Make up your mind before you start surfing the internet or calling your friends and family for referrals. It is essential to know your personal style so you can find the right people for the job.

Spend some time checking online, and take a look at several interior design-focused websites. Many interior design professionals have their signature style. However, those who are experts in this field should be able to adapt to your own preferences.

It is also important to start by searching for the best designers  who can work within your budget. Furthermore, you should also decide how much you are willing to spend on a project. Some design consultants are upfront about their service fee and there are others who charge an hourly rate. With this in mind, it can help narrow down your options.

How long have they been in the business?

Assuming you already know what you’re looking for, and you already have a budget in mind, you can then start searching for interior design consultants that match your style. See how long they have been in the business. The longer they are in the industry, the more experienced they are. If possible, go after those board-certified designers that are highly recommended by your friends and family. Referrals coming from these sources are likely based on personal experiences.

Some established interior designers have their own website and social media accounts. Search for client testimonials and references to gauge an interior designer’s work. Make use of organizations like the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE). Check if there are any consumer complaints were filed against the interior designer. This can help you avoid rogue interior designers.

Verify how many projects they have done

This step is best done in person. Schedule an appointment with the interior designers. Meeting them can help you find out more about their work and aesthetics through their portfolios. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions. Verify if they have worked on projects with the same specifications as yours. Looking carefully at their previous projects will help you get a feel of their aesthetic style and whether it appeals to you personally. You can also ask if they can take you on-site and show you their completed works. That way, it allows you to examine their design and craftsmanship quality.

Be careful with interior designers who are hesitant to provide you their company address, certification, and/or telephone number. You should also be wary of those who offer you discounts right away or quote you a price without asking you detailed questions about the project you want to undertake.

Check if they can provide you sample designs and perspective sketches

To some extent, the scope of the project dictates the qualifications and experience required of the interior designer you are engaging. A professional interior design consultant can provide you sample designs and perspective drawings based on your specifications, although some designers will charge you for this.

Carefully examine what they have created and try to imagine yourself living in those spaces to get the feel of things. Nevertheless, be open-minded when listening to their advice and suggestions – they are experts and are professionally trained for this kind of job. Like any relationship, a clear and open communication can go a long way to alleviating any apprehensions.

Traditionally, interior designers will come over to survey your house or your workplace, take some measurements, and then provide you an estimated sales quotation. Be prepared for the unexpected. Make sure he is not trying to force you into following his advice just because it is simpler and more comfortable for him. The outcome should suit your taste and not the designer’s.

Verify the SOP

Every company has their own standard procedure. During the meeting session, ask for the services the designer will provide, the costs, and the duration for this sort of project. Think of specifics as much as the big picture. You may write everything down on paper so you won’t forget anything.

Quality comes with a price. So don’t be tempted with the interior designer who has the lowest service charge and short project durations. It may potentially create unforeseen problems. Your satisfaction is the ultimate goal here.

On the other hand, it should be noted that interior designers charge a higher price for urgent jobs with tight timelines. This is quite understandable considering the time and resources (e.g. equipment, materials, manpower, etc.) involved to complete the job on time.

Confirming the standard process will help you organize your personal responsibilities and schedule. Check if you can accommodate the designer’s work demands, such as site inspections and meetings.

Whether you are considering a home remodeling or an office renovation, expect to make a considerable investment. Don’t turn it over to just anyone, employ a reputable interior designer. Entrust your remodeling project with Home Reno ID. We create original, over-the-top designs that best suit your style without emptying your wallet. We are masters of space-saving designs that maximize space and storage.

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